4 categories that led Peru as the winner of the World Travel Awards


The twenty-fifth edition of the World Travel Awards (WTA). Considered the tourism industry’s most prestigious awards programme, were held this year at Lisbon, Portugal.

Peru received the honors for the following categories:

  1. World’s Leading Culinary Destination 2018

The wealth of its lands and cultural diversity give Peru an exquisite and tremendously varied gastronomy. Each city boasts its own regional dish with unique flavors. Thousands of field products and dozens of living cultures, create an offer that is practically infinite.

Peruvian Cuisine reflects the country’s history, with a variety that is unique in the world. We find dishes that sweeten our palates in every corner of the country. The cuisines of Lima, the North Coast, the Amazon, Arequipa, the Andes cuisine are waiting to be served at your table so you can have an unprecedented gastronomic experience, that’s why there a lot of food tours offered while you visit Peru.

While Peruvian cuisine is a product of cultural fusion, ingredients and cooking methods, the adaptation of traditional dishes to modern cuisine is the result of the gastronomic boom in recent years. Peruvians continue to mix everything: from the popular street food Combinado, which consists of ceviche, chifa and papa a la huancaina (potatoes covered with chili and cheese sauce), to a cutting-edge cuisine that introduces new textures and flavors.

  1. World’s Leading Cultural Destination 2018

Peru is a sum of traditions, cultures, and languages, in the Peruvians blood, flows indigenous, European, African and Eastern folklore. This miscegenation is its strength and pride.

The pre-Hispanic and the Incas cultures managed to coexist in harmony with the rough Peruvian geography. They dominated with wisdom an ocean rich in fish and on the sands of the desert they raised pyramids that has stand the test of time. In the Andes, roads and bridges were made, that are still used and built with their advanced engineering stone cities. In the jungle they adapted to the environment and developed civilizations thanks to the protection of the nature.

  1. World’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2018

The historic – cultural and ecological wealth of Peru has been recognized by UNESCO, with the designation of ten world heritages sites that make almost every person wish they could visit Peru.

They are:

  • Cusco (designated in 1983)
  • Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary (1983)
  • Archaelogical Site of Chavin (1985)
  • Huascaran National Park (1985)
  • Manu National Park (1985)
  • Chan Chan Archaeological zone (1988)
  • Rio Abiseo National Park (1990)
  • Historic Center of Lima (1991)
  • Nazca Lines (1994)
  • Historic Center of Arequipa (2000)

Peru is the perfect destination for those looking for adventure. Peru has more options than just the Inca Trail, and enough thrills to keep even an adrenaline junkie satisfied.

  1. South America’s Leading Tourist Board 2018

Peru’s national tourism site features beautiful creative of top points of interest to help it market the rest of the country describing very detailed activities you should do while on your visit to Peru and also different kind of Peru tours you should do.

Here in Vía Natura we acknowledge all the effort Peru is putting through to make the country one of the best travel destinations in the world. Peru is working together to preserve their cultural heritage and also adding some new attractions that will improve the number of visitors they get each year. If you are interested in visiting Peru and its beautiful sites or want information about our programs and tours to Peru please don’t hesitate and reach us.

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