5 Reasons to Visit the Ecuadorian Amazon


Visiting Ecuador is to discover places, species and incredible gastronomy, which shows the richness of its regions. The culture and traditions of its people are the result of heritage that can be discovered on navigable trips and enjoying the greatness of nature, in the Amazon region of the ‘Country of the Four Worlds’.

  • Ecotourism in the area: Several small business in the area have developed ecological proposals that allow them to enjoy tours of the immense Amazon rainforest in a sustainable way, without damaging the ecosystems and transmitting the message of care of one of the most important lungs of the planet. Visiting this region of the country includes the proximity with aboriginal peoples who maintain traditional and ancestral practices. The knowledge of its wise people is an experience that you must know and enjoy.


  • Wonderful species: The Ecuadorian Amazon is formed of the provinces of Sucumbíos, Napo, Orellana, Pastaza, Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe. In these sites you can see a diversity of different flora and fauna. The species that inhabit this area amaze the visitors with their colors, among some of the animals that stand out in the area are: anacondas, reptiles, dolphins, otters, turtles, tapirs, monkeys, toads and a variety of birds. This place in the country is considered the most mega-diverse place on the planet, measured per square kilometer.


  • Amazing rainforests: Composed of the Yasuni National Park, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve, Podocarpus National Park and several natural landmarks; This area shows abundant underwater ecosystems. The characteristic trees of this area are the water guarangos, these species grow at the edges of the lagoons. In addition, giant trees of cedar, ceibo, myrtle and others can be seen.


  • Impressive rivers: The water sources of this site allows you to make navigable trips for long hours. Tours in which you can admire the Amazonian beauty when passing through its waters. In addition, the rivers in this area have become ideal spaces for adventure sports such as rafting and tubbing. Travelers enjoy the tropical rainy climate of this destination that connects them with nature, diversity and its people.


  • Tasty gastronomy: The Amazonian gastronomy delight us with its preparations that rescue the ancestral knowledge of its inhabitants, so one of the most representative dishes in the area are the maitos, that are prepared with freshwater fish , field hen or meat. Additionally, one of the drinks that should be enjoyed in this area is the yucca chicha, which is mostly prepared by women of the different nationalities that inhabit this magical place.


All these reasons and more, make Ecuador so special, the country of the 4 worlds awaits for visitors all year to let them know that this place is magical.

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