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Santiago - Colchagua Valley

DAY 1: Santiago.
Reception at Santiago's airport and transfer to selected hotel.

DAY 2: Santiago.
Breakfast at the hotel, City tour in Santiago, visiting Main Square, presidential palace, San Cristobal hill and Central Market. Return to hotel and lodging.

DAY 3: Santiago-Colchagua Valley
Breakfast at the hotel We will start the day early in the morning to drive to the south, through the Panamerican Road directly to the beautiful Colchagua Valley, one of the most famous Valleys because of the production of some of the best wines in the world. After two and a half hours we´ll arrive in Hotel Santa Cruz, , which is in front the main square of Santa Cruz, the hotel includes in its attractive colonial-style building, the noble spirit, tradition and history of past generations. From its entrance, hotel Santa Cruz invites a different experience. All details of its architecture and decoration are there to remind some of the country´s history.

At 11.30 we depart from Santa Cruz Hotel to Santa Cruz Vineyard. After just 30 minutes we'll be enjoying of our first Vineyard and its delicious wines.

The Santa Cruz vineyard is located 25km south of Santa Cruz, on the road to Lolol, a new wine project aimed at producing wine grapes for the production of very high quality wines. At the winery you will be able to taste the highly awarded wine, Chamán, and visit the Indigenous Village that has been built next to the vineyard. This village consists of reproductions of Mapuche, Rapa Nui, and Aymara tribal dwellings. Access to the village is by cable car.

Around 2 pm is time of our Lunch at Candil Restaurant.

Return Santa Cruz Hotel.

At 4 pm visit Colchagua Museum.

The Colchagua Museum was planned with the museográfic concept to cross the past of the history of the planet and the universal man, from our American reality. Thanks to the variety of collections that has managed to reunite in the time its founder, Don Carlos Cardoen Cornejo, the visitor can be illustrated here on subjects of paleontology, archaeology and pre-Columbian art of Chile and America, History of Conquista, Colony and Independence of Chile and America until the Republican Stage. Also it includes thematic pavilions on Modernity, History and Development of the Arms, Aperos de Huaso, Cars and Vehicles, Agricultural Machinery and Pavilion of the Railroads. All this outlines it like the greater and varied private museum of Latin America.
Lodging in Santa Cruz Hotel.

DAY 4: Colchagua Valley.

Breakfast at the Hotel.

The transfer will pick you up at 10 am in your hotel to take you to Montes Vineyard.

Located in the Colchagua Valley, "La Finca de Apalta" is a really important part of the renowned Apalta Valley. The Tinguiririca River forms a natural boundary in this isolated area, while the mountain range to the north helps to maintain the soft oceans breeze which plays a key role in the Apalta climate. In the south, the Tinguiririca River creates a wind corridor and in contrary the steep south-facing hillsides allow the vineyards to obtain adequate light and sun exposure. The Montes Vineyard is very famous for using one of the best techniques to produce wine.

During the tour you will visit the wineceller and you will admire the beautiful vineyards until you reach Mirador, from where you will have a fantastic view over the fields.

At midday we will visit Viu Manet Vineyard.

The tour begins in the visitors' center "La LLavería," where the visitors are welcomed by a bilingual guide who invites them to a romantic ride on an old carriage pulled by horses, enjoying a panoramic view of the vineyards. During the tour, you will learn about the evolvement of the grapevine and of the labours developed in each season. The next stop is "La Bodega," where you will taste our wines directly from the tanks while learning more about the production processes of fine wines. The visit will finish in a shop, where you will have the possibility to buy wines and souvenirs or to taste more delicious wines.

We'll have the pleasure to have lunch in Viu Manet Vineyard around 2 pm, 4 pm, return to the Santa Cruz Hotel Lodging at Santa Cruz Hotel.

DAY 5: Colchagua Valley.

Breakfast at the Hotel.

At 10 am we'll leave the hotel for visiting the Montgras Vineyard.

The beautiful vineyard of Montgras in the locality of Palmilla, Colchagua in the Sixth Region of Chile was founded in 1992 to a time when Hernán Gras, a brilliant winemaker in Canada as well as an important wine expert, his brother Eduardo and Christian Hartwig decided to produce wines of highest quality to export. This wine comes from a winemaking family and has additionally strong bonds with Colchagua. The wine cellar is one of the most modern and uses a technology which gets wine of the highest quality. Joined together, the Vineyard Montgras was the first project of San José Properties. In this winery is important to see the embottling and the label process

At 12.30 pm, our next visit… Las Niñas Vineyard.

Characterized by its architecture, is recognized as one of the best warehouses. The architect Matias Klotz tried to present a simple warehouse with special technical aspects of the production. This vineyard is an innovative product created by eight assertive French women who found a real paradise of grapevines in this valley. The tour starts in the vineyard with a brief overview of the different plants and an explanation of how to manage them, continues in the warehouse and in the room of embottling, and finally ends with a lesson of tasting wines and to learn the signification of the smell. The vineyard has a special way to fulfil the tour. They use an educational form by teaching the visitor the production of wines that are produced in this special vineyard. Free afternoon and lodging at Hotel Santa Cruz

DAY 6: Colchagua Valley- Santiago.

Breakfast at the Hotel.

Today we will visit our last vineyard before our transfer back to the capital, Santiago. At 11.30 am they'll pick you up to take you to Santa Helena Vineyard .

Return Santa Cruz Hotel, check out and transfer to Santiago Lodging at Santiago Park Plaza Hotel.

DAY 7: Santiago.

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the airport.

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