The Andean wedding is the symbolic Andean ceremony for couples who are looking to express their love for each other or who wish to renew their vows. This private ancient ritual takes place in an area nearby Sacsayhuaman and will be decorated with flowers, andean cereals and coca leaves. Led by a shaman, this mystical scenario calls upon the Incan gods to guide your relationship to last eternally. The ceremony will include offerings/payment to Mother Earth (Pachamama) The offerings to Mother Earth have as their fundamental origin the relationship between the Andean man and the earth mother or Pachamama. The offering is a symbolic way in which man returns to Pachamama what he/she has taken from her. The primary purpose is the restoration of reciprocity between the human being and nature.

The Ceremony includes:

• A shaman
• “Aqlla” or ceremonial assistant.
• Private interpreter
o Flower arrangements:
• floral arch and carpet of flowers.
• Private transfer to/from the location where the ceremomy will take place
• Bouquet
o Typical Andean attire for the bride and groom.
o Special gift for the bride and groom

Duration: 1 hour


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