Ica is a beautiful place and in the City tour we’ll visit green valley surrounded by the desert . the main square also the churches This wonderful city stands out thanks to its warm climate, gorgeous white sand dunes and to a beautiful lagoon, known by the locals as Huacachina. On this spot visitors may explore the surroundings of the lagoon or go for a ride with buggies machines out in the desert and practice one of the ultimate sports in our country “Sandboarding”.



At 10 am private transfer to Ica (45min) and visit one of the most popular vineyards as known as “bodegas vitivinicolas”; where you will see, learn and taste the Peruvian drink as known as Pisco (grape brandy) and of course you can taste many kind of local wine produced by the farmers using artesian methods, visit the historical center of Ica, also one of the most popular factory of Chocolates Helen. At the beginning the this was familiar business created by Elena Soler de Panizo (founder & owner) in 1975, today they produce more than 45 type of chocolate mixed with different local fruits as lemon, orange, pecan, raisins, coconut, guava, chestnut, cherry, etc. The factory of chocolate offer a store stocked with all its products, the entry to the work area is prohibited but you can see how they work through glass windows.




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