Via Natura is pleased to announce that the yearly Cusco festivities have started! The celebrations in honor to this ancient city and capital of tourism in Peru were officially announced on the night of May 17th. The inaugural event took place in the esplanade of the ancient Inka temple of Qorikancha, located in the touristic center of Cusco. These festivities will have duration of 40 days and they are going to take place in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and in Machu Picchu.

During the celebrations, you will be able to enjoy from different touristic, cultural, sportive, gastronomic and recreational events. On the calendar we have diverse dates in which tourists, both foreign and national, are invited to visit and do tourism in Cusco, as well as other experiential activities. These festivities will take place on holiday dates for Peruvian nationals.

Among the celebrations we will have:


  • Dance Parade (June 10th to June 20th)

A colorful parade with the participation of educational institutions of all levels (Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, institutes and universities) in which they show strength, beauty and vitality with traditional dances from the region of Cusco


  • Allegories Parade by the Fine Arts school from Cusco (June 17th)

This is a spectacular parade of huge allegories that represent different aspects of our culture. These allegories are made by students of different areas of the Fine Arts University with months of anticipation. Sometimes, they represent important historical centers such as Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, among others.


  • Night of light and sound (June 18th)

Cusco’s sky, the sky of our ancestors the Inkas will dazzle with magic and color with impressive special effects that will cause admiration and enthusiasm of the immense crowd that gather in the main square of Cusco and people around the city.


  • Civic Parade in honor to Cusco (June 23th)

A huge parade in which thousands of people that come from different regions that constituted the Tawantinsuyo (the Inca Empire) march to show their respect to this ancient city in an endless overflow of emotion.


  • Sun Festival (Inti Raymi) (June 24th)

This event gathers the best art expressions and native dances from the four regions of the Inka empire (known as the four ‘’suyos’’). These dances are brought from different areas, such as the sacred valley, Machu Picchu, the jungle and the Andes. The delegations that come to show their respect to the ancient capital of the Inka Empire are in charge of this festival. On this day you will be able to see a great staging of more than seven hundred actors that will recreate the Sun Festival. You can see these festivals with a prearranged tour package with Via Natura, which will give you all the necessary assistance during this Sun Festival staging.

Via Natura invites you to be part of these festivities in which you can enjoy the customs and traditions of this ancient imperial city. We have a huge variety of tours in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. These tours are developed thinking of you and these festivities. Via Natura offers personalized and unique travel options to Peru so you can experience the colorful expressions of these festivities in Cusco.

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