Ecuador: The attractive places of the Galapagos Islands shown from their signage


It is one of the most photographed places on the planet. Its natural charms have been shaped by the lenses of professionals and amateurs. With photos that do not stop impressing. The Galapagos Islands, located two hours from Ecuador, continue to preserve that diversity that once impressed the scientist Charles Darwin.

I returned for the third time this year to the Archipelago. But I wanted to capture these attractions in a different way, through their signage. As a National Park, Galapagos manages a sign that tries to be uniform in each of its main attractions. Painted on wood, signs are a combination of bilingual information and drawings that recreate in a didactic way the activity of the place or the recommendations for the tourist. This is the Galapagos that shows in the signage of its main attractions, which are usually open between 07:00 and 17:00.


Tortuga Bay

Considered one of the 25 best beaches in the world for its white sand and turquoise waters. Its beach is home to marine iguanas, crabs and birds of passage. The most attractive part is known as playa brava, used by surfers. And there is drawn this image to warn visitors about the strength of their currents. The area allowed for swimmers is just a few meters from the white sandy beach and is known as the mansa beach. It is a turquoise sea entrance, surrounded by mangroves and cacti. Your income, which is until 17:00, has no cost.



Las Grietas

It is one of the biggest attractions of Santa Cruz Island. The Cracks are a rocky fracture in whose separation there is an arm of water that connects with the sea. Its rocky bottom is habitat of fish that are shown by the crystallinity of its waters. There the rainwater that falls from the top of the rocky area with the salt water is combined. Tourists swim and snorkel. The icon of the Cracks is right at the entrance.



Los Gemelos

Two craters live a few meters. They are separated only by the asphalt road that goes from the island Baltra to Santa Cruz. This phenomenon of nature is called The Twins. They are called that because the huge holes are similar. A natural wonder. The Galapagos National Park presents this tourist site with the following signage.



The birds of Santa Cruz Galápagos

It has a diversity of birds in their forests. Even some of these species prowl the inhabited area of Santa Cruz Island. The forest of Escalesia, in the area of Los Gemelos, is the habitat of finches, warbler, flycatchers and other birds. And of course, they have their own signage in places where they can be observed. Only in the site of the Twins is estimated that there are 8 species of Darwin finches.



The giant tortoises

The giant tortoises constitute the insignia of the Archipelago. One kilometer from the populated area of Santa Cruz is the Charles Darwin Foundation where the dissected Solitary George, the most famous tortoise in the world, is exhibited. In the place there are hatcheries of turtles of different species that live in the different islands of the Archipelago. But the high part of the island is home to dozens of turtles that swarm freely. On the island there are also various signs dedicated to taking care of the spaces of the sea turtles, which warn tourists about the nesting periods.



Source: Experience of Jorge Villón

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