With more than two thousand registered native species, Galápagos is a worldwide reference on the importance of conserving most of the archipelago in its most pure state. Hence the initiative “Archipelago free of plastics” seeks just to prevent the seabed and the coasts of the islands are contaminated with waste from this material, whose decomposition process may take up to more than 500 years, according to experts.

The members of the Association of Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industries of Ecuador (AIBE) are in the process of replacing their stock of plastic soft drink bottles with glass and recyclable material.

This as part of the initiative of the Governing Council of the Special Regime of the Galapagos, which through an ordinance, demanded that since February 26, the transition from disposable plastic bottles to those made of recyclable material. The objective is to eliminate single-use bottles.

During 2018, approximately 22 tons of plastic garbage were collected on the surface and underwater areas of the coastal profile of the islands: San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, Floreana and Santiago, according to the Special Regime Government of the Galapagos.

This government policy is complemented by a series of activities that so that the islands population becomes aware of ocean litter, microplastics, contamination and invasive species that are transported in plastics.

According to the United Nations, less than 10% of all plastic produced in the world is recycled. These wastes are transported by marine currents and rivers to certain protected points of the planet such as Galapagos. Therefore, the strategy to face this problem must be regional and global.

Here in Vía Natura we value the efforts the government is doing to preserve Galapagos as the most important natural travel destination, we must all work together to preserve the paradise Galapagos is, and encourage others to see what’s happening all around the world due to the ocean contamination and make a difference. Tourists will keep visiting Galapagos and we must do everything in our hands to protect the environment and still make it the beautiful destination Galapagos has always been.

We encourage you to visit the Enchanted Islands and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, their spectacular beaches, eat some of their delicious gastronomy and so much more.

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