Tourist agencies and operators in Santa Cruz, Galápagos are trained in business management


The improvement of the current model of business management handled by tourism agencies and tour operators of Santa Cruz – Galapagos, was the objective of the workshop called “Management of Travel Agencies in the current global tourism scenario”. Jointly, the training was carried out between the Insular Zonal Coordination of the Ministry of Tourism and the Provincial Chamber of Tourism of Galapagos (Capturgal), on November 14, 2018.

The tour operators and participating agencies debated the global and the islands tourism dynamics, the challenges that are faced every day, the tools and opportunities to improve their business management. The training allowed to update knowledge and generate a conversation between attendees and exhibitors around tourism issues.

A statistical analysis on tourism in the islands was provided by the Galápagos Tourism Observator. The scope of tourist activities, categories, the offer of land based tourism and lodging rates were, among the main issues discussed.

In addition, tourism management experiences from other parts of the world were discussed. Topics were discussed about the new “only mobile” business models, which take advantage of the digital revolution that today’s society is experiencing. The relevance of innovating in marketing of tourism through the online world was highlighted.

Andrés Ordóñez, executive director of Capturgal, mentions the indispensable thing for entrepreneurs to understand how tourism is working worldwide and how knowledge allows them to make decisions for the benefit of the entire destination.

Andrea Romero, Zonal Insular Coordinator of the Ministry of Tourism, mentioned that in the coming days the workshop will be replicated in the San Cristobal and Isabela Islands. “We look for tourism businesses to improve their business management to position the Galapagos Islands as a quality destination,” she added.

The Insular Zonal Coordination is implementing a “Strengthening Program for Travel Agencies”, which will allow the creation of public and private actions to comprehensively strenghten travel businesses.

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