Galapagos received 271,238 visitors during 2019, this represents 1.7% less compared to the previous year.

The annual report of visitors to the protected areas of Galapagos recorded the entry of 271,238 tourists in the year 2019. The document prepared by the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park gathers technical information that helps to make management decisions. The data correspond to all visitors who paid the entrance tax to the protected areas of the archipelago.

The number of visitors of 2019, in relation to 2018, represents a decrease of 1.7%, the year in which the islands received 275,817 tourists. The arrival of 182,501 foreign citizens of different nationalities and 88,737 nationals was recorded.

According to the document, the main tourist issuing markets to Galapagos are concentrated in 10 countries of origin: Ecuador (33%), United States (29%), United Kingdom (5%), Germany (5%), Canada (4%), Australia (3%), France, Netherlands, Spain (2%) and Switzerland (1).

The nearby visiting sites preferred by tourists were Tortuga Bay (Santa Cruz), the Gianny Arismendy Environmental Interpretation Center (San Cristóbal) and the Sierra Negra volcano and Chico volcano (Isabela).

From 2010 to 2019, Galapagos has experienced falls in tourist arrivals in 3 years: 2012, 2016, and 2019. Here in Via Natura, we truly believe the decrease in tourism entries this year are because of the world recession and not because of the tourism attractions. If you are interested in visiting Galapagos and enjoy what this beautiful Island offers, we recommend to look our Unforgettable Galapagos tour. For more information contact us at (593) 4 4 505-112, send an email to, or visit our web page

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