Penguins are fun and interesting animals that are unique in many different ways. There are currently over 18 different known species of penguin and some of them have been around the planet for well over 65 million years. They’re fascinating birds that have piqued the interest of many people all over the world.

What most people don’t realize is that penguin numbers around the world are dwindling. Every year, the penguin population shrinks at an alarming rate and most of the world doesn’t realize this because they don’t get to see “real” penguins in their natural habitat. That’s why Penguin Awareness Day is such a good opportunity to learn more about penguins and understand the situation they’re in. It could lead to an appreciation for penguins and could even convince you to donate to help ensure that they can continue living on our planet for another 65 million years!

Penguin Awareness Day helps to bring some reality to people’s depictions of penguins that typically come from animated films and cartoons. We really acknowledge the efforts organizations from all around are doing to create awareness in favor of Penguins, because we have had the opportunity to know firsthand the Galapagos penguins and felt in love with them. So we really support this initiatives in helping preserve this beautiful species.

Here in Via Natura, we are celebrating this January 20th the Penguin Awareness day. If you are interested about helping or going to visit Galapagos Islands and see by yourself the way penguins live, we recommend to look our programs. For more information contact us at (593) 4 4 505-112, send an email to, or visit our web page

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