Around the world, chocolate sweetens the palates of children, youth, adults and the elderly. These flavors make us remember the special dates with the couple and friends. On some occasion we have received this delight in various presentations among chocolates or bars, but you have wondered where the raw material comes from, which revolutionizes the senses when processing it and preparing extraordinary flavors?

Ecuador is the fourth producer and third exporter of cocoa and the absolute king in the Arriba variety, one of the most appreciated. In other words, in the center of the world, 75% of the national cocoa is produced worldwide or known as “fine and aroma”. This makes the country an ideal destination to live experiences in agricultural farms, which show the process of transforming cocoa beans to delicious chocolate bars.

In the country there are more than 50 farms and haciendas, which take the visitor on an experiential trip, between plantations, artisan factories and between flavors; as they would say from the kill to the pot. In 3 regions: Costa, Andes and Amazon, there are agrotourism tours to learn about the work of thousands of farmers who have found economic support with one of the most valued products in the world.

Chocolate bars: We want you to discover what a chocolate tastes like, not just a candy made with a large percentage of cocoa butter; because real chocolate has cocoa percentages that can be between 35% to 100%. The country has more than 50 chocolate brands that are a door to discover unique combinations with Ecuadorian fruits, cereals and flavors.

Hot chocolate: In Ecuadorian mornings and afternoons, it is always ideal to enjoy a good hot chocolate, in milk, which is prepared with national cocoa. In several coffee shops this drink is distributed, which is accompanied with humitas, tamales and quimbolitos, Ecuadorian wraps that highlight traditional preparations.

We propose to savor a real chocolate made in Ecuador, and thus support the ventures of Ecuadorians who seek to give us unique gifts with flavors of our land, carved with love, passion and quality.

In our chocolate tour we present some options to enjoy Ecuadorian cocoa in several presentations that will delight your palate. If you are interested in visiting Ecuador and enjoy the delicious gastronomy offers, we recommend to look our ANDES & ECUADORIAN CHOCOLATE & WILDLIFE EXPERIENCE. For more information contact us at (593) 4 4 505-112, send an email to, or visit our web page

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