At 8 am Pick up from   Hotel , transfer to Cahuachi in a private bus, Cahuachi is located about 28 kilometres away from the modern city of Nazca, at the lower section of the Nazca Valley, virtually in the middle of the desert. Since 1982 the Italian Archaeologist Giuseppe Orefeci has begun a tireless work uncovering the ancient city of the Nazca people. The archaeological complex covers an area of 24 square kilometres and within its territory exist huge pyramids, temples and platforms, which are brought to light year by year by Giuseppe Orefeci and his team. The ceremonial center of Cahuachi has a great importance, as it was there where the ancient Nazca culture developed.


We will visit many tombs containing ancient pottery and humans remains. The guide will be in charge of leading you throughout the place and explain about this old culture that flourished in the zone some 1000 years ago. In addition to the tombs, we’ll also enjoy a beautiful desert landscape surrounded by colourful hills. After touring around Chauchilla, we will go back to Nasca to visit a ceramic studio, where a craftsman will give us a good explanation about the Nazca ceramics. Here we will be able to learn step by step all the process involve in the elaboration of Nazca vessels, as well as purchase some Nazca ceramics and others souvenirs.
To finish off our tour, we will also visit a local place where miners are working hard in order to extract gold. Here there will be a miner who kindly will explain the old method they use to get the gold out of the rocks .


In our tour we also visit this little museum, located near the desert, where the Nazca Lines were made. This was the place that housed Dra. Maria Reiche for many years, from here she used to leave every day to the desert in order to study the Nazca Lines and figures. Maria Reiche dedicated over 50 years of her life to study, protec and measure the Nazca Lines. At the little museum you will be able to see Maria’s recihe pictures , including her all maerial work she used when alive. She died in 1998, and her grave lies at the museum.



Tour includes:

  • Official English-Speaking guide
  • Private Bus
  • Entrances
  • Lunch in the Route

Doesn’t include:

  • Not mentioned meals
  • Optional excursions
  • Personal medicines
  • Tips for guide and camp staff




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