We will begin the tour of the Sacred Valley in the town of Pisac. The archaeological complex of Pisac sits on top of a mountain from where a good part of the Sacred Valley is dominated. This wonderful place is formed by groups of platforms and architectural structures scattered on the slopes at the top of the mountain. Pisac is one of the most beautiful monumental centers of the valley because it combines the landscape with the impeccable finish of its buildings. Pisac is also the largest art and crafts market in Peru.

Most of the goods for sale in Pisac consist of textiles that are woven by the locals. There is also a large number of sweaters and gloves made from animal wool from Peru’s most distinctive herd, the alpaca. Alpaca wool is appreciated for its softness and shine. Artisans also sell paintings, handmade jewelry and carved pumpkins. Be sure to do some bargaining before making a purchase. After the market, the tour stops for lunch in Urubamba, a town right in the center of the Sacred Valley. Coming from the mountains of Cusco, you will be impressed by the exuberance and bright colors of the plant life that surrounds the Urubamba River. During your lunch, you will be surrounded by the green slopes of the Andes.

From Urubamba, you will travel to the mountains to visit the ruins of Ollantaytambo. Hidden in the highlands, Ollantaytambo is home to a wide variety of Inca ruins. An inclination separates the ruins from the modernized part of the city. You will ascend a steep staircase to reach one of the unique Inca constructions. In the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Ten Niches, you will see some examples of an impeccable placement of the stones. Some of the buildings are unfinished as they were abandoned by the arrival of the Spaniards. At the bottom of the ruins there will be a stop to admire the Baños de la Princesa, a fountain decorated with geometric designs in the form of three steps.


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