Between dances and songs the whales arrive at the Ecuadorian coasts

From June to October, the humpback whales travel more than 8000 kilometers to reach the Ecuadorian coasts, in order to find the appropriate conditions to bring their small offspring to the world, these great cetaceans find the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean as the propitious site to perform their mating rituals.

The Ecuadorian coasts have been chosen by these cetaceans for many seasons, since the absence of predators such as killer whales or white sharks, make our beaches the ideal places for maritime adaptation of small offspring.

For this reason, Vía Natura invites national and foreign tourists to enjoy our tours that are developed to give the best moments and experiences to our travelers. So part of this wonderful show that between dances and songs, takes place in the Coasts of Ecuador. For more information contact us at (593) 2 600-5012 or send an email to


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