Via Natura celebrates world environment day


Since its beginning in 1974, World Environment Day has developed into a global platform for raising awareness and taking action on urgent issues from marine pollution and global warming to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime. Millions of people have taken part over the years, helping drive change in our consumption habits as well as in national and international environmental policy. Below are some of the landmarks of World Environment Day through the years.

Due to our operation being based in Peru, Continental Ecuador and Galapagos, we are constantly looking for resources and different ways to preserve these places as immaculate as they possible could be.

Ecuador and Peru are very fortunate countries since they have been blessed with some of the most amazing world heritage places in the world. So it is our compromise with the world to help preserve them and look for ways to even rebuild what have been damaged.

More and more, environmentally savvy tourists are seeking out green tourist destinations, those that make a proactive effort to address critical issues such as carbon emissions, biodiversity conservation, waste management, and water supply.

Here in Vía Natura we value the efforts Ecuador and Peru’s governments are doing to make these countries a more sustainable travel destination, we must all work together to preserve the paradise these places are, and encourage others to see what’s happening all around the world due to the climate change and make a difference. Tourists will keep visiting Ecuador and Peru and we must do everything in our hands to protect the environment and still make it the beautiful destination they have always been.

We want our traveler to commit and make this world a better place to live for all the species, and it is our duty to compromise to the environment and try our best to make it a better place.

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