What everyone should know before traveling to Galapagos


Galapagos is not just a regular beach, before traveling, inform yourself and remember that you will visit a natural destination, where learning and preservation of its biodiversity and endemism are its main attraction.

Galápagos is a globally acclaimed site and is considered the Best Sustainable Destination in the Americas, for the actions taken to help sustainability.Special rules such as tourist sites monitoring, entry control of invasive species, migration and other measures were implemented to conserve it.Join the environmental initiatives! If you like to take care of the planet, do not use plastic bags and use returnable containers to drink water, contributing to the preservation of the islands.Also do not forget to separate the waste correctly, consume the necessary amount of water and energy during your stay, and do not throw garbage at the visit sites. Small actions greatly influence the islands, which has 95% of its species in good condition.Your best memories will be the impressive moments lived. Remember not to take sand, volcanic rock, coral or any other natural element. Admire the fauna of the Galapagos closely and visit these wonderful places with volcanic landscapes.Support the local economy. Acquire souvenirs made by Galapagos artisans, who manufacture them with recycled material. Do not buy products made with material taken from the species, so you contribute to take care of the environment.Also, enjoy the cuisine with local products. Taste the Galapagos lobster or the shrimp, only in season. Another option is Galápagos coffee, which has a designation of origin and is a high-quality product produced by local farmers.We need the enchanted islands to continue shining, follow these specific recommendations offered by the Galapagos National Park here at Via Natura we encourage our travelers to make Galapagos a more sustainable travel destination, we must all work together to preserve the paradise Galapagos is.Caring for this natural heritage is everybody’s job, let’s enjoy the natural areas, admire our wonders and fall in love with Galapagos.Visit Galapagos and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, their spectacular beaches, eat some of their delicious gastronomy, explore the ocean and so much more.If you are interested about tours in Galapagos, contact us at (593) 2 600-5011 or send an email to ventas1@vianatura.com

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