On board of the Nemo III you will be able to enjoy many commodities. To start, while you cruise through the islands you will have a Jacuzzi for you to relax in sundeck. When it comes to sleeping, you will have at your disposal double cabins, all with private bathrooms and the space you need for your baggage.

During your cruise, you will enjoy 3 delicious meals each day along with practical snacks. There’s air conditioner available for your commodity to handle the elevated temperatures as well as hot and cold water for you to choose. Complete adventure

While aboard de Nemo III cruise, you will be able to experience adventure at the fullest. This due to the fact that you will receive a first class level of attention inside comfortable cabins, you will eat the most delicious food and at the same time, you will make port on several islands and see all that they have to offer.

When you go into the islands, you will be nature’s guest of honor to enjoy all of it wonderful creation. It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience you will not want to miss.



  • Technical characteristics
    Category: Firts Class
    Type: Motor Catamaran
    Length: 23 mts.
    Beam: 11.40 mts.
    Speed ​​: 8 knots
    Capacity: 16
    Number of cabins: 8




    SUNDAY Mosquera Islet A.M
    Bachas Beach P.M
    MONDAY Prince Philip’s Steps (Genovesa) A.M
    Darwin Bay (Genovesa) P.M
    TUESDAY Sullivan bay (Santiago)A.M
    Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz) P.M
    WEDNESDAY Charles Darwin Station A.M
    Highlands (Santa Cruz) P.M
    THUSRDAY Moreno Point (Isabela) A.M
    Urbina Bay (Fernandina Island) P.M
    FRIDAY Espinoza Point (Fernandina Island) A.M
    Tagus Cove P.M
    SATURDAY Puerto Egas ( Santiago Island) A.M
    Espumilla Beach – Bucaneer Cove (Santiago Island) P.M
    SUNDAY Daphne Island A.M
    North Seymour Island P.M
    MONDAY Lobos Island A.M
    Cerro Brujo – Kicker Rock (San Cristobal) P.M
    TUESDAY Gardner Bay (Espanola) A.M
    Punta Suarez (Espanola) P.M
    WEDNESDAY Post Office Bay (Floreana) A.M
    Cormorant Point (Floreana) P.M
    THURSDAY Charles Darwin Station A.M
    Highlands (Santa Cruz) P.M
    FRIDAY South Plaza Island A.M
    Santa Fe Island P.M
    SATURDAY Bartolome Island A.M
    Chinese Hat near Santiago IslandP.M

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