Constructed in 2013, the spanking new Majestic Motor Yacht was specifically designed and built for cruising the enchanted Galapagos Islands.

Spanning 117 feet (36 meters), the first-class Majestic Motor Yacht accommodates 16 guests in nine (8) double cabins with views of the sea.

Each of these guest rooms provides a total living area of 183 sq. ft. (17 sq. m.), which includes their own private bathroom with hot/cold showers. In addition, all cabins include large, portrait-type windows with views of the ocean and beautiful hard-wood floors, as well as lockers, closets and air conditioning.

Possessing three (3) public decks, the Majestic Motor Yacht is capable of offering the amenities of a larger ship, including indoor and outdoor dining rooms, a bar, social areas, a large-screen color TV, a Jacuzzi and  a sun deck with ample outdoor seating for sunbathing or whale & dolphin watching.

The ship’s highly experienced 12-member crew includes hand-picked bilingual naturalist guides who are trained to make your Galapagos experience a memorable one. The Majestic Motor Yacht offers enriching wildlife encounters, whether amid the islands’ haunting volcanic landscapes or beneath the waves of its marine reserve, all in the company of these passionate, dedicated and expert guides.

Ideal for families and small-group charters of those people looking for comfort aboard small ships during their Galapagos holidays.

  • Technical characteristics
    Category: Firts Class
    Type: Motor Yacht
    Length: 117 feet / 36 metres
    Beam : 23 feet / 7 metres
    Speed ​​: 10 knots
    Capacity: 16
    Number of cabins: 8




    SUNDAY Santa Cruz: El Chato A.M
    Santa Cruz: Fausto Llerena Breeding Center P.M
    MONDAY San Cristobal: Lobos Islands A.M
    San Cristobal: El Junco Lagoon P.M
    TUESDAY Floreana: Post Officce A.M
    Floreana: Cormorant point/ Devil´s Crown P.M
    WEDNESDAY Española: Gardner Bay A.M
    Española: Suarez Point P.M
    THUSRDAY Santa Cruz: Twin Craters A.M
    Santa Cruz: Fausto Llerena Breeding Center P.M
    FRIDAY Genovesa: El Barranco A.M
    Genovesa: Darwin Bay P.M
    SATURDAY Rabida A.M
    Chinesse Hat P.M
    SUNDAY San Cristobal: Witch Hill A.M
    San Cristobal: Kicker Rock P.M
    MONDAY San Cristobal: Interpretation Center A.M
    San Cristobal: Jacinto Gordillo Breeding Center P.M
    TUESDAY Santa Fe A.M
    South Plazas P.M
    WEDNESDAY Bartolome A.M
    Santiago: Puerto Egas P.M
    THURSDAY Fernandina: Espinoza Point A.M
    Isabela: Vicente Roca Point P.M
    FRIDAY Isabela: Urbina Bay A.M
    Isabela: Tagus Cove P.M
    SATURDAY Santiago: Bucanero A.M
    Santiago: Sullivan Bay P.M

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