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Our luxury cruises through the Galapagos archipelago offer tours in which you can enjoy the maximum in boutique-level comfort and high-end personalized service in complete safety while exploring these paradisiacal islands of Ecuador.

We offer ships in two distinct categories: larger cruise ships accommodating 48 to 100 passengers; and smaller high-end 16-18 passenger motor-sailors and motor-yachts.

While the larger cruise ships offer extra spaciousness as well as stability (meaning less rocking for those who lack their "sea legs"), the more romantic, swifter and more intimate modern sailboats and motor yachts make it easier for personal contact with your shipmates and your guide; plus these are more maneuverable vessels that can access certain sites that the larger ships are unable to navigate.

Despite the varying sizes, all of these luxury vessels provide deluxe accommodations, kitchens that serve the finest in international and Ecuadorian cuisine, the highest quality in personal attention and service, the very best naturalist guides, amazing itineraries and relaxed recreational areas with sun decks and/or pools.

Your only concern will be enjoying your journeys at sea and on the islands.

Our Luxury Cruises


  • Passion Yacht is an exciting and exclusive ship in the Galapagos. Originally built as a private luxury yacht more

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Complying with international standards of superior cruise liners in terms of safety and security, these first-class yachts also provide all the basic comforts. The spacious cabins on these Galapagos yachts are air-conditioned and provide both hot and cold water. In addition, the excursion guides on these cruises are fully certified as Class II or III Naturalists, meaning they’re well trained in the biological sciences and are thoroughly knowledgeable of the archipelago’s wildlife as well as the evolution of the islands – plus, they’re multilingual.

Taking a first class yacht in the Galapagos Islands will definitely be a great opportunity to combine adventure and comfort. Imagine traveling between the islands of the Galapagos archipelago while looking at the scenery and enjoying the sun and breeze on a first class yachts – all this coupled with first-class service, as the crew will always be ready to offer personalized service and make you feel at home.

On these first class yachts the rooms are spacious, with plenty of windows – one of the most important elements of a Galapagos vacation. The typically 10-member crews, along with experienced guides, will ensure you a pleasant journey around the islands.

Another feature of these smaller boats is the opportunity to meet fellow travelers and share travel experiences. Travel is brisk, allowing your voyage to proceed smoothly without any loss of valuable time when boarding or landing.

Our First Class Cruises

tip top iv

  • The Tip Top IV continues the tradition of fine cruising as the latest superior Galapagos yacht in the Wittmer line. more

tip top iii

  • The Tip Top III is a slightly larger and newer version of its sister ship, the Tip Top II. With a large sundeck... more

queen beatriz

  • Cruise the Galapagos in style aboard the Queen Beatriz, our recently-constructed luxury catamaran. more

catamaran nemo iii

  • On board of the Nemo III you will be able to enjoy many commodities. To start, while you cruise... more

catamaran nemo ii

  • The Nemo II is a large trans-oceanic, alumarine, 72-foot, multihull yacht; a wonderfully stable cruising... more

mary anne

  • The Mary Anne is a lovely 3-masted Galapagos sailing ship owned and guided by the longest-running operator... more


  • Constructed in 2013, the spanking new Majestic Motor Yacht was specifically designed and built for... more


  • In 2007 Quasar Expeditions acquired the M/Y Zein and rechristened her the M/Y Grace: more


  • M/V Evolution abides under all international standards of safety for a Galapagos cruise ship of its type. more

eric, flamingo & letty

  • He M/Y Eric, Flamingo I and Letty. Built in 1991 and refurbished annually, these identical superior first-class more

Tourist-ClassTaking a cruise through the Galapagos on a tourist-class yacht is an ideal choice if you want to explore the islands with your family or friends while staying within budget. All of these yachts provide accommodations for small groups of up to 16 people and have comfortable facilities that will provide you rest and relaxation during your journey through the archipelago.

Great values for the money, these comfortable Galapagos tourist-class yachts offer fabulous cruise adventures to those willing to forego a bit of luxury to discover the enchanted Galapagos Islands.

Our Tourist Class Cruises

yacht angelito

  • ANGELITO was the nickname of the grandfather Angel, who in 1960 helped his two grandsons Leonardo and Hugo... more


If you're a diving enthusiast and want to visit the Galapagos Islands for its incredible marine life, a Galapagos live-aboard diving cruise is a unique option. From these 5 vessels, it's also possible to observe the marine life of the Galapagos Islands to your heart's content.

The diving sites off the Galapagos Islands are among the best dive sites the whole world. With the marine life in such profusion and with such variety and where you can see them so close up — unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else — you won't even mind the lower visibility. We’re talking about not just reef fish and schooling fish, but also sea turtles, schools of hammerhead sharks, whales, whale sharks, manta rays, moraines. Then too, many unique endemic species will be seen in a dive cruise around the Galapagos Islands, ones like Galapagos marine iguanas and Galapagos penguins.

Every Galapagos diving cruise is guided by well-trained and experienced open-water master diving guides and instructors. A Galapagos diving cruise is an adventure in diving, it is like an underwater expedition. If you are an experienced open-water diver, we kindly invite you to join us in a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime expedition!

Our Diving Cruises